The First Level: Robotics

This level aims to teach participants how to design and program robots using the educational robots “NXT”. They learn and apply the basic concepts of robots design and programming, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) well- known and applied worldwide. This level prepares the students to participate in local and international competitions.

The Second Level: Electrical Engineering

In this level, students learn about the basic components of electrical engineering, and real life applications of electricity. They also learn how to build electrical circuits and how they work using hands-on experiments. This level also helps students to have a deep understanding of science related to electricity.

The Third Level: Electronics

This level aims to teach students how to build electronic circuits, and program micro-controllers. They start to develop and understanding how electronic devices around us work – which, in addition, helps developing the students` analytical skills.

The Sixth Level: Renewable Energy

Alternative energy is one of the most important needs to provide sustainable resources for clean energy. Students will learn how to analyze, design, build and implement projects to generate energy using sun and wind as main recourses to be used in Jordan and Middle East in general .They will also learn about all other alternative

The Ninth Level: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Students will be introduced here to the principles of entrepreneurship and how to make a business out of their ideas, how to write a patent, how to make research and development , how to think creatively using TRIZ ; where the latest research shows that creativity and problem-solving is a skill everyone can learn and